The Reporting Policy of the Parliamentary Budget Office of Georgia (PBO, hereinafter) throughout the annual budget cycle is based on the institutional mandate of the PBO in a capacity of an IFI within the existing fiscal architecture as well as the provisions laid down in the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament of Georgia concerning its role in parliament’s budgetary oversight (also considering the relevant provisions of The Budget Code of Georgia).



In particular, for Budgetary Planning/Review

As set out in Articles 136-138 of the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament of Georgia governing the review and approval of the annual state budget law, Parliamentary Budget Office reviews Basic Data and Directions (BDD) Document (MTBF for Georgian fiscal framework) and the draft state budget together with the supporting documents submitted to Parliament (first, revised and final versions). The reviews include analysis of the presented fiscal policy for the short and medium term and PBO’s own alternative macro-fiscal forecasts. As laid down in the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament of Georgia, the review preparation timeline by the PBO is as follows:

Furthermore, as set out in the Article 139 of the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament of Georgia, PBO reviews the amendments of the Budget law. The preparation timetable is determined based upon the parliament’s hearings schedule as defined by the Speaker of The Parliament.


For Budget Execution

Parliamentary Budget Office monitors the execution process of the annual budget, so as to avoid the late detection of significant budgetary errors and reports to the Parliament at the following frequencies: 


Local Governments' Finances

Having regard to the recent fiscal decentralization reforms and the particular consideration that should be given to the local government’s finances to properly capture the main trends in fiscal policy and to ensure that the developments at this level don’t hamper short and medium term fiscal sustainability, PBO produces the Review of the Local Government’s Finances on an annual basis. The report discusses the aggregate level trends as well as specific fiscal indicators at the municipality level. The publication date is generally determined taking into account the timetable for the Parliamentary review of the annual state budget execution.


For the publication dates of our reports throughout 2020, please see The Calendar, 2020 below. 

Due to resource constraints, not all our publications are available in English. However, we try to do our best to ensure that non-Georgian speaking users of our products are provided with at least the summary of all our reports.