Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) is a systemic approach to critically assessing the positive and negative effects of proposed and existing regulations and non-regulatory alternatives. As employed in OECD countries it encompasses a range of methods and is considered to be an important element of an evidence-based approach to policy making (OECD, 2008).


Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) within its current mandate does not have any official obligation concerning the Regulatory Impact Assessments. However, taking into account its role governing the examination of the cost estimates of the bills, there have been number of capacity building activities carried out by the Office since 2015 with the support of USAID Good governance Initiative (GGI) and EU Project “Legislative Impact Assessment: Drafting and Representation”. As a result, since 2017 PBO has been actively engaged in a number of working groups initiated by the parliamentary committees on Regulatory Impact Assessments (RIA) and Gender Impact Assessments (GIA) of specific policies (PBO’s role in these groups was mainly related to cost-benefit analysis (CBA)):