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Annual Performance Report for 2016 - Parliamentary Budget Office of Georgia

2016 was the year of refining what was built through 2015 – year to learn from the first steps and ensure that PBO is sustanabile and effective independent fiscal institution already recognized in existing fiscal architecture. Over the course of the year our team has continuied to build its skills and technical capacity to deal with the outlined obligations through continuous capacity building and improvemenets in reporting policy. In addition, considering the recommendations of our supervisory board, further emphasis was placed on new tools and mechanisms to enhance communication of PBO products with the core stakeholders(MPs, media, academia, NGO sector). 2016 has also been a succesfull year for international communications for PBO, as our office managed to establish strategic partnership with Office of Budget Responsibility of UK (OBR UK) within the framework of Good Governance Fund (GGF). This report reflects the main areas of activities of the Parliamentary Budget Office during 2016. I hope, that the steps already made and future effort of our team will become the pledge for strengthening the Parliamentary Budget Office as an independent, objective and credible fiscal institution within current fiscal framework.