The EU program "Support to Public Finance Policy Reforms" represents one of the important partners of the Parliametnary Budget Office. The program supports the budget for public finance management with 21 million Euro, of which 19 million Euro is designed for the budget and 2 million Euro – for technical support. The General aim of the program is to support the improvement of transparensy, aacountability and effectiveness of the reforms of public finance policy and management in Georgia. Within the recent technical support project, the role of budgetary oversight of the Budget Office strengthening is crucial. Within the program the potential, insitutional and organizational capabilities of the Parliamentary Budget Office are strengthened and guaranteed with technical support, trainings and textbooks. Thus, the Budget Office has opportunity to introduce independent and evidence-based core review/analysis of main budgetary policy for the members of the Parliament; to strengthen the support of the Parliamentary Committees with regard to fiscal issues, to raise awareness and role of the Budget Office both in the Parliament and civil society, to improve external communications, visibility and accountability towards society. Within the program in July-August, 2015t he visiting expert, the professor of the University of Maryland Dr. Manouchehr Mokhtari visited the Parliamentary Budget Office. During the visit, the professor carried out some trainings/seminars for the Budget Office and the representatives of the Parliament about the topic: 'Main Aspects of Macroeconomic Policy'. In addition, the following issues were discussed during the seminar: Estimation of state investments (cost-benefit analysis), evidence-based policy analysis, application of macroeconomic modeling and analysis both in theoretical and practical point of view.