Good Governance Initiative (GGI) program in Georgia aims to promote growth of effectiveness, transparency and accountability with the cooperation of the legislative and executive authorities. General priorities of the project include: Improving supervision functions, partnership for open governance, implementation operating plan of Georgia, improving policy-making processes and al. In order to strengthen the supervision process over the Government activities and to advance the legislative process the GGI cooperates with the Parliament and the Parliamentary Budget Office of Georgia. Within the cooperation framework the Parliamentary Budget Office activities with the direction of evaluating financial influence of legislative initiatives are being improved, the mechanism of evaluating financial influence of legislative initiatives and if necessary, the environment of regulatory legislations are being refined. These measures will in turn contribute to the growth of the role of the Budget Office in legislative activities, to improve the quality of these activities and the effectiveness of managing budget funds. In particular, the working meeting was held among the members of the Parliament and with the representatives of the Committees. The meeting aimed to share the opinions of the Parliament, as the main interested party, about the activities of the State Audit Office and the Parliamentary Budget Office. That will facilitate the future increase of the efficiency of these institutions. During the meeting, the Parliamentary Budget Office presented the report about local self-government finances, a periodic review of the macroeconomic environment and introduced main framework of the methodological aspects on checking cost estimations of legislative initiatives. Similar meetings and exchange of opinions represents preconditions of improvement on Budget Office's activities.